2BMobile Making it More Mobile

As the saying goes we are going to "walk the walk" in this case we plan on doing a  review of our website to assure that are website is easy for all the mobile devices you might be viewing this website on. 

After seven years on being online  we realize we need get our content into useful presentation forms for today's wide range of screens sizes and devices. So over the next several weeks you will be seeing a number of changes to our site that we believe will make 2BMobile a more mobile friendly website.

VARs Selling Data Storage in 2014

2Bmobile was originally establish to help people convert over from on-premise IT gear to using Cloud base products with simple clients like smartphones and tablets. We have been doing this since 2008 and have helped a lot companies move forward.  One of our main strength has been data storage, specifically making sure that a business' data was both accessible and safe. We where pioneers in using Cloud storage for backup and for moving applications and therefore the storage in the cloud via products like Google Apps and Amazon's S3 storage.

How Mobile Has Changed in 5 years

When I started 2BMobile we where thinking about mobility as freeing professional people from their offices by using smartphones, laptops and Netbooks (what are they?). Today with smartphones and tablets in the hands of almost everyone, mobility has taken a giant step forward in the quest of a truly virtual worker and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) to work and the apps keep drive the independents from any one physical device to allow us the freedom to pick up where every and when every we want to.

We are In A Redo Right Now!


2BMobile LLC 's Website is currently under going a redo as we make the major transition from Drupal 6.0 to 7.0 which is s major improvement in quality and performance for our website. Stay tune we will bring back our older posting and launch a lot of new articles that cover the challenges of being a mobile worker in today's fast-moving technology environment.

Please leave us a comment about what you would like see us cover in future articles and blog postings.






Getting Web Apps vs. Buying Software

Take Away:

  1. With free and rented software (aka Software as a Service, SaaS) covering almost all of the standard office type of applications  it is better to buy the unique package that drives your specific business.
  2. Computers are becoming so inexpensive that we believe the repair vs. replace break point is so low that  switching to a new computer is trivial. Of course coupled with the above item you do not have a lot of stuff on your laptop.
  3. The increased processor power and increased screen sizes on smart phones means driving more web application into the phone
In a soft economy like we are currently experiencing, IT is one area in which we can clearly lower our cost to operate or gain more productivity for the same expenditure as in the prior year. The change from buying PC application software with your PC/ laptop really does not make sense with what is being offered in the market place.  Let's take a look at various options though not an exhaustive review.

Laptop Travel Checklist

This is a laptop checklist of the things to do before you leave on your next business trip and what to bring along.


One-time Steps

Insurance - Who is responsible if the laptop is lost or stolen?  Check with your insurance carrier.

Security - There are number of steps you can take to both physically and electronically to lock down your laptop from the bad guys. See my article on the 12 basic steps for laptop security.

2BMobile Starts Corp Blog

Today 2BMobile.com announces our new corporate blog is up and running. We will be publishing all of our latest news and topics of interest on our blog instead of the front page as we have done in the past. We decided to use a blog because want to have a more interactive conversations with you and look forward to having some great discussions in the coming weeks, You can reach by either selecting the Blog option on the menu to the right or by click here.